Why 1406?


  • We believe in a sustainable world for everyone, a world that we borrow from nature.
  • We feel that it’s our obligation to ensure the world we leave for future generations is a better world.
  • We are convinced that we, as 1406, can make a sustainable contribution to this, now and in the future.


  • By thinking differently.
  • By pressing on where others stop.
  • Convinced that something can always be done better, differently and more efficiently, we have the drive necessary to make the impossible possible every day.
  • By continuously building an enterprising, solid and committed organisation that is focused on the customer and ready for the future.
  • Thanks to our winning mentality and continuous focus on the customer, we add value to organisations within every market area in which we operate.


The recent Climate Agreements around the globe prescribe that the participating countries must have a sustainable, renewable source of energy by 2050. To accomplish this, the emission of CO2 must be reduced to almost zero, which poses enormous technical challenges. We will have to revise our current strategy on the usage of natural resources and ensure that the industrial, energy and real estate sectors achieve these goals. 1406 offers expert knowledge on every aspect of this transition, ranging from pre-design advice to lifelong maintenance programs. Whether it’s about making your Business Operations, the Development of your employees in the new reality or an Assessment of the remaining lifespan of your most valuable assets, our Athletes are there for you!