Sandra Huls-Nooij

44 years old, I am married and mother of three school going children. As a family we are completely at home in the beautiful Egmond aan Zee, where we gratefully make use of the sea, beach, dunes and forests.

In my working life I shifted from Beta Programmer/Functional Manager to the emotional side. While walking my path through life, I have come to realise that the factor ‘human’ is crucial. Within companies action can be taken based on goals, with leadership, in the broadest sense, being a theme. Whether it’s a company or an individual, it often comes down to having the courage to direct your own life and to face what is hindering/preventing you from having a ‘fantastic’ life. Where my own interest in transitions was sparked on my path, energy transition is in a class of its own, whether it’s about political ambitions or individual ideals for sustainability. The movement is big, which requires focus, consensus and connection. ‘I'm in the leading group.’ 

Through company constellations, group or individual coaching sessions and insight into personality types, the ‘soft’ human side behind the technics is highlighted. With this approach, value can be added to a result-oriented business vision that can be measured with a ‘human’ unit of measurement.  

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