Ramon Huls

44 years old, husband and father of three. Our family has found a home in Egmond aan Zee, where we gratefully make use of the beach, forests and the dunes of North Holland. The environment lends itself to all kinds of sportive activities, such as jogging and mountain biking, but also relaxation. Searching for a balance in life, I find relaxation after a day of work in sportive challenges, such as: Obstacle runs, a half or full marathon and recently the half West Coast Challenge (NL).

I always act with the individual in mind, so as to gain an insight into the group dynamic and allowing me to guide them in a coaching manner. I contribute to the the energy market, where the keyword is ‘transition’, to help bring the transition from ‘inside’ to ‘outside’. This way, I help to build a better world within my sphere of influence.

I have been working in the energy sector since 2007, where my skills, ambitions and personal ideals came together. From within a technocratic environment where creating tactical plans is often a necessity, I have been able to develop myself to be a connector or intermediate who, from an operational and tactical level and together with a team, contributes to strategic goals.