Business Philosophy

About 1406

“Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles, Brag for the rest of your life”

140.6 miles, the total length of the longest Triathlon, the ‘Ironman’. To be able to complete their first Ironman, a triathlete goes through a journey of milestones in training and personal victories. It is the passion for that one goal, to complete the 140.6 mile journey, combined with an iron discipline and the ability to turn setbacks into something positive, that guarantees success.

At 1406 we put the same passion in our projects as we do in our sport. Committed to be involved as a partner in your technical and organisational issues. Our athletes never give up, have the skills and confidence to pursue the highest achievable goal, at your side.

1406: A provider of technical services, with a special focus on the ‘Person behind the Technics’.

The business philosophy, what is relevant for the people employed by or to be employed by 1406? For the people behind the technics having confidence, being complementary, providing expert insight, but certainly also mutual respect based on equality form their basis for achieving great results and both personal and company goals.

We make ourselves aware by frequently asking the following questions:

“When are you successful as a person and/or as company/society?“

“Which societal goals do you pursue as a person and/or organisation?”

“How do you get the best out of yourself, does your outward appearance at work match with whom you are as a person?”

Strive for congruence, look from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Core values in which 1406 invests to stimulate self-reflection, so as to form a connection.

What do you gain from these wisdoms as a customer/partner? Being aware of qualities and points of attention, both personal and of the business, allows 1406 to provide you with custom-tailored solutions for the various phases of a project within the energy transition, that will allow you and your initiative to grow and exceed expectations.